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Who we are ? we are an expert company works in almost all kinda of frozen vegetables and fruits company works at the Manufacturing of frozen vegetables & fruits We are very keen with every detail in the Process of production,packaging and Exporting to meet the best standard of Frozen foods..in Quality ,Nutrition and price

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Description Vegie Tut selects the best quality of fresh Peas, Carrots and Green Beans. Vegie Tut implements mixed vegetables production process at the beginning of the season when they are fresh, tender, having high concentration of sugar. Storage Deep-freeze store (-18°C). For not more than 18 months. Refreezing is not allowed. Packs 400gm, 1kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, bulk 10kg Veglebut MIXED VEGETABLES Nutriton Facts per 100g serving Calories Fat 0.09g Carbohydrate 6.9g Protein Sodium 3g 50mg 0.7mg Vitamin C Sugars 6g Calcium 516mg Iron 1.8mg Vitamin A 45 Kcal 6000 IU Free from any preservatives or chemical substances



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